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Poland train travel Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



Are there any discounts for children or students?

Children under the age of 4 travel for free. The parent must have a document verifying the child's age.


Children over age 4 to a maximum of 24 years, if attending a primary, middle or secondary school IN POLAND, are entitled to a 37% discount in second class on all trains. A school ID is required.


Students of post-secondary schools IN POLAND, to a maximum of 26 years, are entitled to a 51% discount in second class on all trains. A school ID is required.


Doctoral candidates studying at schools IN POLAND, to a maximum of 35 years, are entitled to a 51% discount in second class on all trains. A school ID is required.


Polish citizens studying at post-secondary schools abroad, aged 25 and under, are entitled to a 51% discount in second class on all trains. A school ID or International Student Identity Card (ISIC) as well as an identity document such as a passport verifying the student's age is required.


For children aged 4–15 from other countries, the only discount options are special promotions offered by the railway operating companies:


PKP InterCity offers the "PKP InterCity family discount" (Rodzina z PKP InterCity). Under this discount, a child aged 4–15 receives a 30% discount from the base rail fare, and up to 4 adults travelling with the child also receive this discount. This discount is available in all PKP InterCity trains.

Are there any discounts for senior citizens?


For domestic travel by the rail carrier PKP InterCity, seniors age 60 and older can purchase tickets under the "Ticket for Seniors" offer. The discount is 30%.


For domestic travel by the rail carrier Polregion, seniors can purchase a "RegioKarta" (Regional Card) for 59 zl. This permits purchase of tickets according to the "Razem" tariff, which affords a discount of about 30%.


Can I take my bicycle on the train?


Yes, you can take a bicycle on most trains. You will have to have a special ticket for your bike:


On Polregio's Regio and InterRegio trains, the bicycle ticket costs 7 zl. and does not depend on the distance travelled.


On PKP InterCity trains, the bicycle ticket costs 9.10 zl. and does not depend on the distance travelled. Certain PKP InterCity trains are equipped with a special compartment for carrying bicycles, and you must reserve a space. You must have a seat reservation in the same carriage. (The online timetable indicates which trains have a compartment for bicycles.) If the train does not carry a bicycle carriage, you can still put the bicycle in the entry vestibule of the last carriage at the end of the train. Only 4 bicycles may be put here, and you must have a reservation.


Bicycles should be attended to at all times and not be allowed to bother other passengers or cause damage to the train. Bicycles cannot be taken into couchettes or sleeping cars, nor onto international trains without a bicycle facility.


On certain PR trains they can be carried in a special compartment for travellers with large hand baggage (dla podróżnych z większym bagażem ręcznym).


Can I sleep on an overnight train?


In addition to carriages with standard 1st and 2nd class reserved seating, many overnight trains also carry sleepers and couchettes. The online timetable will indicate if a train has sleeping cars or couchettes. For a description of these facilities, please see the Rail Travel Guide.


How can I get train information when I'm in Poland?


Most large train stations have a special window labeled "Informacja". In small stations, simply ask at the ticket window.


You can call for PKP InterCity train information by dialing 703 200 200 inside Poland (a charge does apply, please see the PKP InterCity web site for details). From outside Poland dial +48 22 39 19 757.


You can call for POLREGIO train information by dialing 703 20 20 20 inside Poland (a charge does apply, please see the Przewozy Regionalne web site for details). From outside Poland dial (+48 703 20 20 20).


How can I find out how much a ticket costs?


For for direct online purchase of such tickets, check our Quick Booking system or request a Custom Price Quote for more complicated journeys.


Can I pay for tickets by credit card?


The Polrail Service online store accepts credit card payments.


If you have to purchase tickets at the station, most station ticket offices accept credit cards. 


Additionally, PKP InterCity conductors now have credit card terminals for accepting payments on board the train.


Can I buy tickets and make reservations on the Internet?


Tickets for all Polish Railway services can be bought through Polrail Service. Visit our online store.


How can I get from the airport to the train station?


We supply detailed city-by-city information on the Rail-Air Links page.


Where can I find working steam locomotives in Poland?


Poland was the last place in Europe where one can find steam-hauled passenger trains running on normal passenger trains in scheduled service. These trains ran from town of Wolsztyn, which lies southwest of Poznan. You can find the current schedule here (in Polish). The Turkol Company also operates periodic special trains using the Wolsztyn locomotives.


Do stations have a place to leave my luggage?


Luggage lockersLarge and medium-sized stations will often have self-service luggage lockers. Find an empty locker, insert your luggage, and close the door. The machine will then ask you to deposit some coins, and after doing so will print you a ticket with a code number, along with the number and location of the locker. Hang onto the ticket, as you'll need the code number when you return! When you're ready to take your luggage, type in the code number. Depending on how long you've stored the luggage, you may need to insert additional coins.


Some larger stations have a left luggage facility (przechowalnia bagażu). Here you leave your luggage and you must tell the attendant a declared value for the luggage (the price varies depending on the value). The attendant will issue you a ticket, which you must use when picking up your bags. You will pay at the time of pick-up. Make sure you check the opening times, to make sure the facility will be open when you plan to return!


Is it safe to travel by train in Poland?


Travelling on a train in Poland is generally as safe as walking down the street. In recent years patrols of railway police have been stepped up, and they're often visible on platforms or on the trains themselves. Use your common sense, and follow the safety tips given in the Rail Travel Guide, and you should be perfectly safe.


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