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SPAIN - RENFE tickets - About RENFE Spanish Railways

AVE train

RENFE, Red Nacional de los Ferrocarriles Españoles (Spanish National Railways) is the operator of passenger rail services in Spain, serving over 18,711 km of line. RENFE trains also travel to other European countries, including Portugal, France, Italy and Switzerland. Using RENFE's high-speed train network, you can quickly and comfortably reach Spain's largest cities, and connect to smaller locations using regional trains. The Spanish rail network is one of the best organized and most comfortable in the world.

When travelling by train in Spain, you have a choice of high-speed AVE trains, classic traditional trains (including night trains) and regional trains.

High-speed lines

The high-speed AVE rail system ensures passengers a comfortable and rapid trip around Spain. This is the fastest and most comfortable method of travelling between the countries largest cities. 


The Alta Velocidad Española is one of the fastest trains on the planet and are similar to the French TGV. They can reach the speed of 320 km/h. The long distance between Madrid and Seville (471 km) can be covered in just 2.5 hours. The AVE system reaches all of Spain's largest cities. Each train has a buffet serving drinks and snacks, and all trains are air-conditioned. Two classes of travel are available:

AVE train at speed

AVE 2nd class (AVE Turista)

Carriages in AVE 2nd class are fitted with comfortable, reclining seats, which ensure an enjoyable journey. By every seat you will find an electrical power point, permitting charging or use of your electric items. An appropriate amount of leg space allows you to relax without feeling crowded. It is also possible to reserve a seat with a table.

AVE 1st class (AVE Preferente/AVE Club)

In AVE Preferente 1st class carriages you will find more leg room and the reclining seats are even more comfortable. By each seat there is an electrical power point. You can travel in AVE Preferente on all trains on all routes.


The AVE Club option is available on certain popular connections. In this highest class, leather seats and high-qualifty food and wines are included in the ticket price. Train service staff attend to every detail, to ensure the your travel around Spain in pleasureable. AVE Club carriage are simply among the most luxurious in the world.

AVE TuristaAVE buffet
AVE PreferenteConference room in Club class

Traditional intercity trains

Traditional intercity trains travelling between 160 do 250 km/h allow you to reach nearly every corner of Spain. You can choose to travel in 2nd class (Turista) or 1st class (Preferente). The comfort of the carriages is close to that of the high-speed AVE trains. All trains are air-conditioned.

Intercity train

Night trains

With night trains you can arrive rested in Spain's major cities or in other European countries. Your travel can be in high-comfort Trenhotel trains, or in less-expensive Estrella standard trains.



In these extreme comfortable trains passengers can choose to travel in seats or in sleeping cars. Like all trains in Spain, Trenhotel carriages are air-conditioned.

Seats (Turista)

These are the same comfortable seats that you will find in 2nd class of traditional intercity day trains. On some routes, 1st class (Preferente) is available as well. On selected routes, Gran Confort Seats, which are characterized by the highest level of comfort, are available. These seats recline to a nearly flat position, and each seat contains an electrical power point and ample legroom.

Sleeping car, 2nd class (Cama Turista)

Each sleeper compartment contains 4 beds, permitting travel on a budget but maintaining comfort. Each compartment also contains a wash basin. Comparments are designated as male or female, unless you book the entire compartment.

Sleeping car, 1st class (Cama Preferente)

These 1st class compartments are designed for use by 1 or 2 people. They contain more room, a wash basin, personal toiletries, and newspapers/magazines.

Sleeping car, 1st class Delux (Cama Grande Classe)

The Cama Grande Classe is the most comfortable way to spend the night on the train. These compartments for 1 or 2 people guarantee comfort and ample privacy, along with larger beds. Each compartment contains a large WC and shower. The ticket price includes dinner and breakfast. In the newest Trenhotel carriages, there are also in-room films and folding tables.


Estreall night trains are the ideal solution for those who want to travel comfortably and at a low cost. Passengers may book seats in 2nd class (Turista) or 1st class (Preferente), similiar to other RENFE trains. On some routes, 6-person couchette carriages are also available, allowing one to sleep laying down. All Estrella trains are air-conditioned.

Estrella couchette

Regional trains

Regional trains operate to every corner of Spain, await from the main lines, and at a high frequency. All regional trains are air-conditioned.

RENFE Regional trainRENFE Regional train

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