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Krakow-Berlin train travel

Krakow and Berlin
train from Krakow to BerlinBerlin

You can purchase your Krakow-Berlin and Berlin-Krakow travel in our Quick Booking system. You can travel by day or by night on this route. If you plan to extend your trip we can help with arrangements.

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Direct connection

Train IC56 "Wawel"

The "Wawel" is the direct daily train connection between Krakow and Berlin, leaving Krakow mid-morning and arriving in Berlin late-afternoon. Benefits of this service include:
  • seat reservations
  • generous legroom and comfortable seats in 1st and 2nd class
  • electric charging sockets
  • air-conditioning
  • restaurant car serving hot and cold meals, prepared on board
  • city centre to city centre travel

Wawel w Berlinie

Trains with transfers

Comfortable train connections run several times a day between Krakow and Berlin, with changes in Warsaw or Poznan. Most trains are air-conditioned and carry a food service car. Some trains have free Wi-Fi (while on Polish territory).

Train from Krakow to BerlinTrain from Krakow to Berlin

Overnight connection

You can travel overnight from Krakow to Berlin or from Berlin to Krakow, changing between Polish and German trains in Szczecin. In Poland you can sleep comfortably in a sleeping car, and in Germany relax in a modern regional train. Overnight travel is the best way to move between cities and save money on hotel accommodation. 

night train from krakow to berlinregio train from szczecin to berlin

The schedules on this route are timed to provide convenient and comfortable transfers. After travelling overnight from Krakow, you have time to eat breakfast in the newly-renovated Szczecin railway station before continuing to Berlin. If you're travelling from Berlin, there is time to get something to eat or drink before boarding the overnight train to Krakow.

szczecin berlin train travel(photo: Kapitel)

Why Polrail Service?

We have been in the Polish rail travel business since 1995. We offer e-mail, phone and Skype support to ensure the success of your travel. If you are new to rail travel we can help you with your travel arrangements. Contact our staff to get personalized advice!

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