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Interrail Pass - feel free to travel around Europe

The Interrail Pass allows you to see everything that Europe has to offer. Choose a Global Pass to travel across the continent or an Interrail One Country Pass and travel within one country. Only European residents can travel with an Interrail Pass.

Interrail Pass

Contact us now and order your Interrail Pass

The Interrail Global Pass is also valid for your journey to/from the border in your home country.

Interrail map

Your Interrail Pass serves only as a ticket. For most international, overnight and high speed service trains, you will need to purchase a seat or berth reservation. Remember to provide us with your journey plans while placing the order. Based on that, we will be able to arrange all the required reservations and have them shipped together with the pass.

Get to know European trains

When it comes to comfort and service, European trains can be very different from one another and the on board experience may change every time you cross another border.


Regional trains

Countless regional connections available across the continent will guarantee a calm and relaxed atmosphere on board. On some connections, only 2nd class wagons are available.

Regional trainInside regional train


Express trains

In every rail carrier's timetable, you can find many express train connections, which stop at fewer stations on the way. They are usually listed as InterCity (IC) or EuroCity (EC) trains. A seat reservation is recommended and often required on most of these train connections.


High speed trains

If you wish to reach your destination quickly and comfortably, rail carriers across Europe offer connections operated by high speed premium service trains. Very comfortable 1st and 2nd class seats and catering are available on board. Usually they require a seat reservation for additional charge.

Highspeed train in SpainInside highspeed train


Legendary panoramic routes

Europe is filled with beautiful landscapes, which you can admire while traveling on the train. However, there are a few routes leading you through extraordinary lands, where you can enjoy the most breathtaking views during your trip. Those are the legendary panoramic routes. On most of the trains running on those routes, the Interrail Pass is  valid or allows you to purchase discount tickets. Usually a seat reservation is required.


Overnight trains

Night trains run between major cities in Europe and offer accommodation at various price levels. On most of those connections, you need to pay an additional charge for a couchette or sleeping car space reservation. On some, there are also 2nd class seats available.

Prices for the reservations differ depending on the type of compartment you wish to choose. There are couchette compartments with 4 and 6 berths. Couchettes can be shared with both male and female passengers. Toilets are located on each end of the wagon. You will find a sheet, a blanket and a pillow on each berth.

Sleeping cars offer a higher level of comfort and privacy. There are single compartments in 1st class, double and triple ones in 2nd class. There is usually an in-room sink with running water and the compartments are either female or male only, unless you book the whole compartment. On some connections, deluxe sleeping cars with private toilet and shower in the compartment are available. Reservations are obligatory for sleeping cars.

For comfort and safety, always keep your belongings with you in a safe place and remember to close the compartment door when you are in it.  

Benefits of having the Interrail Pass

Interrail Pass holders are eligible for various discounts for ferries, museums, and hotel reservations.

With a Flexi Pass, you are eligible to free travel on the day stated on your ticket but discount offers are available during the whole period of your ticket's validity. Continuous Pass holders can take unlimited connections during the whole period of the ticket's validity, as well as take advantage of these other discounts.


Interrail Pass tickets are offered in three age groups: youth (12-27 years), adults (28-59 years) and seniors (over 60 years). Two children aged 4-11 can travel for free with an adult Interrail ticket holder. If the child is traveling alone, a youth pass is required. 

Global Pass is available for various periods of time:

(12–27 yo)
(28–59 yo)
(60+ yo)
2nd class 1st class 2nd class 1st class 2nd class 1st class
4 days during the period 1 month 185 246 246 328 221 295
5 days during the period of 1 month 212 282 282 376 254 338
7 days during the period of 1 month 251 335 335 446 302 401
10 days during the period of 2 months 301 401 401 534 361 481
15 days during the period of 2 months 370 493 493 657 444 591
15 days 332 443 443 590 399 531
22 days 389 518 518 690 466 621
1 month 503 670 670 893 603 804
2 months 548 731 731 975 658 878
3 months 577 902 902 1202 812 1082

** All the prices are in euro and they are only of informational character and do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the provisions of Civil Code.

Pricing valid as of 01.01.2021

One Country Pass can be issued for 3, 4, 6 or 8 days and it is valid for a month. Prices differ depending on the country it is issued for.


Our offers

  • The Polrail Service Advantage
    The Polrail Service Advantage

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    Getting your rail tickets

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    Children travel free in Germany

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    Group rail travel booking

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    Train travel from Warsaw to Krakow

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