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ITALY - Trenitalia tickets - About Trenitalia

Trenitalia train

Trenitalia is the primary rail passenger carrier in Italy, formed in the year 2000. With Trenitalia services, you can reach almost anywhere in Italy. Trenitalia offers high-speed train services and classic InterCity trains – day and night, as well as regional trains. With Trenitalia, you can also travel to Austria, France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland. The specialists at Polrail Service can help with the planning of rail travel throughout Italy and beyond. Our experience guarantees you a high level of professional service in finding the best railway connections at the lowest prices.

Services offered by Trenitalia

On Italian long-distance routes you will find high-speed Arrow (Frecce) trains, as will as classic Intercity trains.

Frecciarossa (Red Arrow) service

Frecciarossa trains operate on the Turin - Milan - Bologna - Florence - Rome - Naples high-speed route, with a maximum speed of 300 km/h. Trenitalia offers over 89 daily Frecciarossa connections, including:

  • direct services from Rome-Milan (and return) without intermediate stops, with departures each hour from 06:00 until 19:00, with rush hour trains being extended to Turin and Naples
  • direct services between Milan and Rome with stops in Bologna and Florence, with departures each hour from 06:00 until 20:00, with some trains continuing to Naples and Salerno

During the peak travel periods, Trenitalia adds additional trains and routes, for example:

  • 12 connections between Turin, Milan, Bologna, Florence and Rome, with some trains continuing to Naples. Four trains connect Turin and Salermo.
  • 6 Milan/Rome connections with a stop in Bologna


Travel options

You can choose from 4 options for travel on the Frecciarossa train services:

Standard (2nd class)

The cheapest way to travel by high-speed train, standard class is the most popular and a very comfortable way to travel.

All travellers have access to the food service car, located in the middle of the train. This is a nice place to spend time eating a tasty warm meal, or having a snack with a hot or cold drink. You're sure to find something satisfying among the wide range of high-quality products.

2nd classBar/bufet

Premium (1st class)

This is the ideal choice for the passenger who values comfort. The seats in 1st class are more comfortable than in 2nd, and you will find more leg room to stretch out. A welcome-aboard drink and snack are included in the price.

Business (1st class business)

Business Class has a level of comfort similar to that of Premium Class. Additionally, you will find a Silent Area, as well as 4-person sitting rooms, ideal for leading business converstations. A welcome-aboard drink and snack are included in the price.

Executive (1st class executive)

This is the most exclusive way to travel on a Frecciarossa train. Passengers are pampered during the whole trip by on-board service personel. The ticket price includes snacks, hot and cold drinks, and a quality meal, served at your seat. 

Frecciarossa trains

Frecciarossa trains have 11 carriages and 547 seats:

  • 1 Executive carriages with a special meeting room
  • 3 Business carriages with a special quiet zone and meeting areas
  • 1 Premium carriage
  • 5 Standard carriages
  • 1 food service carriage

All Frecciarossa trains have:

  • air-conditioning
  • electrical power points
  • individual reading lights
  • space for large pieces of baggage near the entrance
  • 6 monitors in each carriage displaying information about the trip, news and films

Frecciargento (Silver Arrow) service

Frecciargento trains operate on shorter routes than Frecciarossa trains. These trains travel on both high-speed and traditional railway lines. Every day you can choose from 58 comfortable and convenient connections, including:

  • hourly train service, from 06:00 until 19:00, connecting Rome and Venice; some trains continue onward, to Udine, Trieste, and Salerno
  • 14 daily trains connect Rome and Verona, with trains each hour at peak times, with some trains continuing to Brescia or to Trento and Bolzano
  • 6 daily trains connecting Rome with Lecce, and 2 daily trains from Roma to Reggio Calabria stopping in the major cities of Puglia and Calabria


Frecciargento trains and travel options

On-board offers vary slightly depending on the route. On all trains, there are 2nd and 1st class sections.

All Frecciargento trains are air-conditioned and have electrical power points. Space for large baggage is available near the entryway to the carriages. WCs are located in each carriage (including a toilet for disabled persons).

On the Rome-Venice route, trains are equipped with touch-screen LCD kiosks, providing information about offers and services on the train. There are also monitors in each carriage displaying information about the trip, news and films. By every seat there is an individual reading lamp. 

First class passengers receive a warm or cold welcome drink, along with a sweet or savoury snack. All passengers have access to the on-board bistro/bar, located in the centre of the train. This is a nice place to spend time eating a tasty warm or cold snack, along with a hot or cold drink. You're sure to find something satisfying among the wide range of high-quality products.

Frecciabianca (White Arrow) service

These are classic intercity trains, travelling on the shortest and most popular routes. Frecciabianca trains guarantee high comfort and quality service. Over 80 daily train services connect 87 medium and large-sized cities, and will take you to almost any place in Italy. A Frecciabianca train departs on average every 13 minutes during the 05:00 – 21:00 time period. The offer includes:

  • 42 trains, departing each hour (each 30 minutes during peak periods) from 06:00 until 21:00, connecting Milan/Venice
  • 24 trains, departing nearly each hour, connecting northern Italiy with the main cities on the Adriatic coast
  • 12 trains connecting 17 towns of the coast of Tuscany and Liguria with Rome, stopping even in small towns; some trains continue to Milan
  • 4 trains connecting Rome with the main stations of Campania, Basilicata and Calabria
  • 2 trains between Rome and the Adriatic coast


Frecciabianca trains and travel options

All Frecciabianca trains offer 1st and 2nd class seating. First class passengers will find more room for themselves, and also receive a complimentary coffee. In addition, Frecciabianca guarantee:

  • spacious, wide reclining seats
  • air-conditioning
  • space for large baggage
  • electrical power points at each seat and individual reading lamps
  • a folding table at each seat
  • baby-changing area

Each train carries a "Corner Bar" bistro car, in which you can order hot and cold drinks, snacks and meals. On certain routes there is a special bar space, where you can sit and eat your meal like in a real bar.

Frecciabianca 1st classFrecciabianca in Turin

Night trains

An overnight train trip through Italy is very relaxing. This is an excellent way to travel from one part of the country to another. Sleeping while you travel, you not only save time, but you also don't need to worry about finding or having to pay for a hotel. You can travel in peace, avoiding the stress which accompanies other means of travel (crowded roads, airports and planes). Trenitalia offers you the ability travel by night economically (2nd class) or in even more comfort (1st class). The choice is up to you!

All compartments on night trains are air-conditioned and have an electrical power point. The passenger has access to an intercom, to communicate with the train crew in case of need.

Most night trains consist of couchette and/or sleeping cars. Couchette have 4 beds in each compartment, and can be booked as mixed-sex or female-only.

Standard sleeping cars contain large and more comfortable beds, and can be booked for one (Single), two (Double) or three (Triple) passengers.

All couchette and sleeping car compartments can be locked from the inside, to ensure a safe and peaceful journey.

Excelsior sleeping cars

The choice to travel in an Excelsior sleeping car guarantees you the highest-quality travel experience. Single (1-person) and Double (2-person) compartments are available, including a Double option with a queen-size bed. All compartments are air-conditioned, and have an in-room shower and WC with wash basin, towels, and an electrical power point. In each compartment is a telephone, allowing contact with the train staff. The Excelsior class ticket price includes a toiletry pack, bottle of water, and breakfast with a hot drink in the morning. 

Newer Excelsior E4 sleeping cars are now entering service, too. These will have compartments for 1–4 persons.

Excelsior sleeping cars are only available on select routes

Night&AV special offer

This is an offer directed at passengers who wish to combine an overnight trip together with onward (or prior) travel on a high-speed day train.

The offer is available for passengers travelling by night train from Sicily, Calabria or Puglia who wish to continue their journey with a Frecciarossa or Frecciargento train leaving from Naples, Rome and Bologna and going to Turin, Milan, Venice and many other destinations on the high-speed network. The offer is also available for travellers in the other direction.

The Night&AV offer is available for seats or beds in couchette and sleeping cars (except Excelsior wagons) on night trains and for Standard (second class) seating on Frecciarossa or Frecciargento trains. 

Tickets in the Night&AV offer are refundable and changeable. However, they are limited to the specific trains booked and cannot be used on other trains.

Regional trains

These are short-distance local trains, which can quickly and comfortable deliver you to every corner of Italy. They normally stop at every station, in big cities and small towns.

Regional trainregional train

To book a Trenitalia ticket, request a Custom Price Quote, and we'll find the best itinerary and prices for you.

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