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A short story of the Ju-52 at LOT

LOT received its Junker Ju-52/3mge on the 16th of November 1936. The airplane had the serial number 5588 and was registerd as SP-AKX. From the begining of 1937, it started normal sheduled flights to Berlin, Rome and Salonique. SP-AKX had 15 passenger seats (rows of 1+1 and 3 seats at the back of the plane) and Bristol Pegasus VI engines (installed especially for LOT with three instead of two propeller blades). Each engine had a maximum power of 570kW (775HP). The engines on the Polish plane was heavier than those normally instaled on a Ju-52, so engineers needed to install an extra water tank (9115 kg) in the aircraft's tail to get the right center of gravity during flight. Also a few more changes were made compared to other Junker`s.

Ju-52 technical manualLOT's Ju-52 have made many flights. In 1937 it spent 600 hours in the air, and in 1938, 843 hours. There were no emergencies reported during normal service. The Ju-52/3mge was an easy and pleasureable plane to fly. After the beginning of WWII on the 12th of September 1939, the Ju-52 was flown from Zabczyce (near Pinsk) to Bucharest (the captain of that flight was Stanislaw Plonczynski). There was plans for the aircraft to fly to Turkey, but it was stopped in Romania after it was fictionally sold to Imperial Airways (and registerd there as Imperial's G-AGAE).

Ju-52/3mge specifications:

wing span

29,25 m
length 18,90 m
height 5,30 m
wing area 110,50 sq m
weight 10500 kg
max speed 280 km/h
range 1350 km

Translated by Michal Przybysz