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Registration Aircraft Type c/n Origin Disposition Remarks
SP-LAA Il-62 11004  in fleet 16Mar1972 w/o 14Mar1980 nr Warsaw-Okecie named "Mikolaj Kopernik"
SP-LAB Il-62 21105  in fleet 22Apr1972 to CCCP-86706 21Nov1982
recently KRAS AIR, RA-86706
named "Tadeusz Kosciuszko"
SP-LAC Il-62 31401   in fleet 22Mar1973 to CCCP-86556
recently Russian Defence Ministry, RA-86556
named "Frederyk Chopin"
SP-LAD Il-62 41604   in fleet 26Apr1974 to CCCP-86707 17Apr1983
recently KRAS AIR, RA-86707
named "Kazimierz Pulaski"
SP-LAE Il-62 41802   in fleet 08Dec1974 to CCCP-86708 25Sep1983
Recently KRAS AIR, RA-86708
named "Henryk Sienkiewicz"
SP-LAF Il-62 62204   in fleet 31May1976 to CCCP-86709 22May1983
Recently KRAS AIR, RA-86709
 named "Adam Mickiewicz"
SP-LAG Il-62 2725456   in fleet 28May1977 to CCCP-86557
Recently Russian Defence Ministry, RA-86557
 named "Maria Curie-Sklodowska"
SP-LBA Il-62M 2932526   in fleet 28Apr1979 to CCCP-86581 08Jan1992
Sold to Air Ukraine, UR-86581
 named "Janusz Kusocilski", earlier "Juliusz Slowacki"
SP-LBB Il-62M 1034152   in fleet 02Feb1980 to CCCP-86132 25Jan1992
Sold to Air Ukraine, UR-86132
 named "Ignacy Paderewski"
SP-LBC Il-62M 3036253   in fleet 17Oct1980 to CCCP-86582 08Jan1992
Sold to Air Ukraine, UR-86582
 named "Joseph Conrad-Korzeniowski"
SP-LBD Il-62M 1138234   in fleet 17Mar1981 to CCCP-86133 15Jan1992
Sold to Air Ukraine, UR-86133
 named "Gen. Wladyslaw E. Sikorski"
SP-LBE Il-62M 1138546   in fleet 04Apr1981 to CCCP-86134 05Feb1992
Sold to Air Ukraine, UR-86134
 named "Stanislaw Moniuszko"
SP-LBF Il-62M 2343554   in fleet 21Jul1983 to CCCP-86580 15Feb1992
Sold to Air Ukraine, UR-86580
 named "Frederyk Chopin"
SP-LBG Il-62M 3344942   in fleet 04Apr1984 w/o 09May1987 Kabacki,Warsaw  named "Tadeusz Kosciuszko"
SP-LBH Il-62M 1748445   in fleet 25Jul1987 to CCCP-86135 26Feb1992
Sold to Air Ukraine, UR-86135
SP-LBI Il-62M 4934621 ex CCCP-86504 to CCCP-86504  
SP-LBR Il-62M 4727546 ex YR-IRD to YR-IRD  
SP-LCA Tu-154M 727   in fleet 28May1986 Sold to Turan Air (Azerbijan) 4K-727 19Jul1995  
SP-LCB Tu-154M 733   in fleet 28Aug1986 Sold to Turan Air (Azerbijan) 4K-733 28Jul1995  
SP-LCC Tu-154M 745   in fleet 05Mar1987 Sold to Buryatia Airlines RA-85827 18Dec1996  
SP-LCD Tu-154M 755   in fleet 27Aug1987 Sold to Buryatia Airlines RA-85829 14Aug1997  
SP-LCE Tu-154M 769   in fleet 18Mar1988 Sold to BAL (Bashkirian Airlines) RA-85824 16Dec1995  
SP-LCF Tu-154M 774 ex CCCP-85774, in fleet 26May1988 Sold to BAL (Bashkirian Airlines) to RA-85831 11Apr1997  
SP-LCG Tu-154M 775 ex CCCP-85775, in fleet 16Jun1988 Sold to Samara Airlines (Russia) RA-85823 18Nov1995  
SP-LCH Tu-154M 776 ex CCCP-85776, in fleet 22Jun1988 Sold to BAL (Bashkirian Airlines) RA-85825 21Jan1996  
SP-LCI Tu-154M 805   in fleet 09Jun1989 Sold to Samara Airlines (Russia) RA-85821 29Jul1995  
SP-LCK Tu-154M 806   in fleet 20Jun1989 Sold to Samara Airlines (Russia) RA-85822 29Sep1995  
SP-LCL Tu-154M 812   in fleet 09Aug1989 Sold to BAL (Bashkirian Airlines) RA-85826 12May1996  
SP-LCM Tu-154M 824   in fleet 06Jan1990 Sold to Aeroflot RA-85810 25Aug1994  
SP-LCN Tu-154M 831   in fleet 08Mar1990 Sold to Aeroflot RA-85811 25Aug1994  
SP-LCO Tu-154M 862   in fleet 6Nov1968 to Polish Air Force (PWL) 862, stationed at 36 SPLT Okecie  
SP-LGA Tu-134 8350602    in fleet 28Nov1968 Sold to Aeroflot 27Jun1982  
SP-LGB Tu-134 8350603    in fleet 30Apr1969 w/o 23Jan1980 Warsaw  
SP-LGC Tu-134 9350804    in fleet 27May1969 Sold to Aeroflot 20Jun1982 first aircraft in new LOT paint scheme 1977
SP-LGD Tu-134 9350805   in fleet 16Jan1991  Sold to Aeroflot 13Jun1982  
SP-LGE Tu-134 9350806   in fleet 30May1969 Sold to Aeroflot, CCCP-65924 08Jun1982  
SP-LHA Tu-134A 3351808   in fleet 29Mar1973 wfu 07Jun1993, used as Polish Army anti-terrorist trainer in Warsaw temp.reg:104
SP-LHB Tu-134A 3351809   in fleet 06Jun1973 wfu 18Jun1992, pvd Museum of Polish Aviation, Krakow temp.reg:103
SP-LHC Tu-134A 3351810   in fleet 11Apr1973 wfu 19Mar1993, used by Warsaw Police Force at Szczeliwice, Warsaw  
SP-LHD Tu-134A 48400   in fleet 11Jun1976 wfu 31Jul1994, pvd Wroclaw LZN Technical School, Wroclaw  
SP-LHE Tu-134A 48405   in fleet 04Jun1976 wfu 05Nov1993, pvd Lodz Museum, Lodz  
SP-LHF Tu-134A 3352005 ex PWL 101, in fleet 03Aug1977 wfu 29Jun1994, pvd Szymaki (restaurant, on road E77)  
SP-LHG Tu-134A 3352008 ex PWL 102, in fleet 03Aug1977 wfu 31Mar1994, pvd as a restaurant at Wladislawowo  
SP-LHI Tu-134A 49985 ex PWL 102 to PWL 102  
SP-LSA Il-18W 180002403   in fleet 23Mar1961   converted to cargo 13Mar-14Apr1976, wfu 20Oct1988, b/u Warsaw converted Il-18B
SP-LSB Il-18W 180002404   in fleet 23Mar1961 wfu 02Nov1988, b/u Warsaw converted Il-18B
SP-LSC Il-18W 181002805   in fleet 23Mar1961   converted to cargo 09-27Feb1976, sold 17Jun1988 to Balkan Airlines LZ-BEI converted Il-18D
SP-LSD Il-18W 184007102   wfu and reported scrapped 10Aug1988; painted in old LOT colors and moved nr Wiklon,Kruszyna,Poland (restaurant) converted Il-18B
SP-LSE Il-18W 180002504 ex PWL 101 wfu 28Nov1990; used as restaurant near Poniatowski Bridge,downtown Warsaw (destroyed by vandalism 26Sep1995) converted Il-18B
SP-LSF Il-18E 185008601   in fleet 25Nov1965 sold 12Jul1991 to Balkan Airlines LZ-BEW  
SP-LSG Il-18E 185008603   converted to cargo 06Nov-05Dec1976, sold 19Jul1991 to Balkan Airlines LZ-BEZ  
SP-LSH Il-18W 181002701 ex PWL 102 converted to cargo Jun1982, wfu 30Apr1989, pvd nr Radomsko (restaurant on E75 road southbound) cvtd Il-18B, another Il-18 pvd Strumien as Air Natalia
SP-LSI Il-18E 186008905 ex PWL 102, in fleet 20Mar1975 converted to cargo 06Nov-05Dec1989, sold 19Jul1991 to Balkan Airlines LZ-BEH  
SP-LSK Il-18V 185008503 ex PWL 101 to UR-75850  
SP-GEA Yak-40 9230224 lff PZL    
SP-LEA Yak-40 9021660 ex PWL 048 to PWL 048  
SP-LEB Yak-40 9541843 ex PWL 041 to PWL 041 temp.reg:PWL 041
SP-LEC Yak-40 9541943 ex PWL 042 to PWL 042  
SP-LED Yak-40 9542043 ex PWL 043 to PWL 043  
SP-LEE Yak-40 9021560 ex PWL 047 to PWL 047  
SP-LZA An-12BP 6344307 ex PWL 050 w/o 13may1977 nr Aramoun,Beirut  
SP-LZB An-12BP 6344308 ex PWL 051 to LZ-SFS  
SP-LZC An-12V   ex PWL to? PWL  
SP-LVA Viscount 804 249 ex G-AOXV w/o 20aug1965 St.Trond,Belgium  
SP-LVB Viscount 804 395 ex G-APKG w/o 19dec1962 Warsaw  
SP-LVC Viscount 804 248 ex G-AOXU to ZK-NAI  
SP-LWA An-26 1604 ex PWL 1604 to PWL 1604  
SP-LWB An-26 1603 ex PWL 1603 to PWL 1603  
SP-LWC An-26 1602 ex PWL 1602 to SP-KWC  
SP-LTA An-24W 67302203   in fleet 22Mar1966 hlk near Warsaw Okecie cargo terminal  
SP-LTB An-24W 67302205   in fleet 29Mar1966 Sold 05Feb1991 to Air Ukraine UR-49248  
SP-LTC An-24W 67302208   in fleet 22Apr1966 hlk Grodzisko,Poland  
SP-LTD An-24W 67302209   in fleet 01Apr1966 w/o 02Nov1988 after forced landing nr Rzeszow  
SP-LTE An-24W 67302405   in fleet 08Apr1966 w/o 24Jan1969 nr Wroclaw  
SP-LTF An-24W 67302406   in fleet 12Apr1966 w/o 02apr1969 nr Podpolice, Zawoi, Krakow  
SP-LTG An-24W 67302504   in fleet 11Jun1966 Sold 11Feb1992 to Air Ukraine UR-49249  
SP-LTH An-24W 67302505   in fleet 17Jun1966 Sold 05Feb1992 to Air Ukraineto UR-49250  
SP-LTI An-24W 67302506   in fleet 23Jun1966 Sold 29Jan1992 to Air Ukraineto UR-49251  
SP-LTK An-24W 67302507   in fleet 29Jun1966 Sold 19Feb1992 to Air Ukraineto UR-49252  
SP-LTL An-24W 77302905   in fleet 06Nov1967 Sold 08Dec1987 to Balkan Airlines LZ-ANM  
SP-LTM An-24W 87304406   in fleet 10Jul1968 Sold 27Nov1987 to Balkan Airlines LZ-ANO  
SP-LTN An-24W 97305005   in fleet 18Mar1969 w/o 19Apr1973  
SP-LTO An-24W 67302801   in fleet 14May1969, ex PWL 011 Sold 11Feb1992 to Air Ukraine UR-49253  
SP-LTP An-24W 67302802   in fleet 14May1969, ex PWL 012 Sold 29Jan1992 to Air Ukraine UR-49254  
SP-LTR An-24W 7306006   in fleet 18May1970 Sold 04Dec1987 to Balkan Airlines LZ-ANS  
SP-LTS An-24W 27307903   in fleet 28Jul1972 Sold 25Nov1987 to Balkan Airlines LZ-ANT  
SP-LTT An-24W 97305701 in fleet 20Sep1973, ex PWL 011 Sold 19Feb1992 to Balkan Airlines UR-49255  
SP-LTU An-24W 7306007 in flee5 27Jun1974, ex PWL 015 w/o 26Mar1981 Simpole,Slupsk  
SP-LTZ An-24W 87304504 in fleet 26Jan1977, ex PWL 014 to UR-49258, recently in service with Donbass Air Lines Ownership of aircraft remained with PWL during LOT service
SP-LPA CV-240-12 153 ex OO-AWP to N653W  
SP-LPB CV-240-12 155 ex OO-AWR w/o 11apr1958 Warsaw  
SP-LPC CV-240-12 156 ex OO-AWS to N656W  
SP-LPD CV-240-2 9 ex EP-ADY to N609W  
SP-LPE CV-240-4 143 ex PH-CEK to N643W  
SP-LNA Il-14P 4340607   ufo (USSR)  
SP-LNB Il-14P 4340510   to P.U.L.  
SP-LNC Il-14P 4340509   ufo (USSR)  
SP-LND Il-14P 6341404   to USSR  
SP-LNE Il-14P 6341602   to P.U.L.  
SP-LNF Il-14P 6341607   w/o 14jun1957 nr Moscow-Vnukovo  
SP-LNG VEB Il-14P 14803010   to ZRLiLK  
SP-LNH VEB Il-14P 14803012   ufo (USSR)  
SP-LNI VEB Il-14P 14803013   ufo (USSR)  
SP-LNK VEB Il-14P 14803014   ufo (USSR)  
SP-LNL VEB Il-14P 14803017   ufo (USSR)  
SP-LNM VEB Il-14P 14803018   ufo (USSR)  
SP-LNN Avia 14P 703108 ex OK-LCZ ufo (USSR)  
SP-LNO VEB Il-14P 14803063 ex PLW 022 to PLW 022  
SP-LNO VEB Il-14P 14803065 ex PWL 023 to PWL 023  
SP-LNP VEB Il-14P 14803063 ex PLW 022 to PLW 022  
SP-LNP VEB Il-14P 14803069 ex PWL to PWL  
SP-LNP VEB Il-14P 14803073 ex PWL to PWL  
SP-LNR VEB Il-14P 14803054 ex PWL 009 to PWL 009  
SP-LNR VEB Il-14P 14803055 ex? PWL 021 to? PWL 021  
SP-LNR VEB Il-14P 14803069 ex PWL to PWL  
SP-LNS VEB Il-14P 14803073 ex PWL to PWL  
SP-LNT VEB Il-14P 14803063 ex PLW 022 to PLW 022  
SP-LNU VEB Il-14P 14803069 ex PWL to PWL  
SP-LNW VEB Il-14P 14803055 ex? PWL 021 to? PWL 021  
SP-LNZ VEB Il-14P 14803037 ex PWL 3037 to PWL 3037  
SP-LHA Il-12B 93013501 ex PWL to PWL  
SP-LHB Il-12B 93013502 ex PWL to PWL  
SP-LHC Il-12B 93013506 ex PWL w/o 23dec1953 Warsaw?  
SP-LHD Il-12B 93013504 ex PWL to PWL  
SP-LHE Il-12B 93013505 ex PWL w/o 18jul1952 Warsaw  
SP-LHF Il-12B 93013515 ex OK-DBD to OK-DBD  
SP-LCA C-47-DL 7367 ex 42-5673 to EP-AED  
SP-LCB C-47A-DL 10044 ex 42-24182 w/o 24may1948 Stockholm (to c/n 12704) Possibly c/n 12704.
SP-LCC C-47A-DK 13348 ex 42-108950 to EP-AEE  
SP-LCC C-47A-DL 9903 ex 42-24041 w/o 28mar1950  
SP-LCD C-47A-DL 19499 ex 43-15033 to FAF315033  
SP-LCE C-47A-DL 19289 ex 42-100826 to EP-AEF  
SP-LCF C-47A-DL 9938 ex 42-24076 to EP-AEG  
SP-LCG C-47A-DK 12774 ex 42-92920 to EP-AEH  
SP-LCG C-47A-DL 9165 ex 42-23303 w/o 15nov1951 nr Lotz  
SP-LCH C-47-DL 9106 ex 42-32880 w/o 13mar1953 Katowice  
SP-LCH C-47A-DK 13552 ex 42-93620 to EP-AEI  
SP-LCI C-47A-DL 9801 ex 42-23939 ufo  
SP-LCJ C-47A-DK 12704 ex SP-LCB to OY-AIC Possibly c/n 10044.
SP-LAA Li-2P 18422702   ufo  
SP-LAB Li-2P 18422703   ufo  
SP-LAC Li-2P 18422704   ufo  
SP-LAD Li-2P 18422705   ufo  
SP-LAE Li-2P 18424001   w/o 14apr1955 nr Katowice  
SP-LAF Li-2P 18424004   ufo  
SP-LAG Li-2P 18423202   ufo  
SP-LAH Li-2P 18423201   w/o 19mar1954 nr Limonova  
SP-LAJ Li-2P 18424005   ufo  
SP-LAK Li-2P 18424002   ufo  
SP-LAL Li-2P 18424008   w/o 15aug1960 nr Tczew,Gdansk  
SP-LAM Li-2P 18422610   ufo  
SP-LAN Li-2P 18424006   ufo  
SP-LAO Li-2P 18424007   w/o 07oct1952  
SP-LAP Li-2P 18423204   ufo  
SP-LAR Li-2P 18424003   ufo  
SP-LAS Li-2P 18423203   pvd Droznow (Lubuskie Muzeum Wojskowe)  
SP-LAT Li-2P 18423205   ufo  
SP-LAU Li-2P 18423206   ufo  
SP-LAW Li-2P 18424009   ufo  
SP-LBA Li-2T 18422009   w/o 29mar1950  
SP-LBB Li-2T 18419802   to PWL  
SP-LBC Li-2T 18419010   w/o 26sep1946 nr Popowie  
SP-LBD Li-2T 18419804   w/o 19may1952 nr Sowina  
SP-LBE Li-2T 18420203   ufo  
SP-LBF Li-2T 18420205   ufo  
SP-LBG Li-2T 18418308   ufo  
SP-LBH Li-2T 18419602   to PWL  
SP-LBJ Li-2T 18419704   to PWL or SP-LBI ?
SP-LBK Li-2T     ufo  
SP-LDA Li-2T 18439102 ex PWL 27 to PWL 27  
SP-LKA Li-2P 18438505   w/o 15nov1954 nr Lotz  
SP-LKB Li-2P 18438504   ufo or c/n 18418504 ?
SP-LKC Li-2P 23441010   w/o sep1964  
SP-LKD Li-2P 23441501   ufo  
SP-LKE Li-2P 23442002   to ZRLiLK  
SP-LKF Li-2P 33444510   ufo  
SP-LKG Li-2P 33444801   ufo  
SP-LKH Li-2P 33444507   ufo  
SP-LKI Li-2P 33444804   ufo  
SP-ASJ DC-2-115D 1318 ex D-ABEQ w/o 25nov1937 Mt.Rhodope,Bulgaria  
SP-ASK DC-2-115F 1377   w/o sep1939 Warsaw (Luftwaffe strafing)  
SP-ASL DC-2-115F 1378   to Romania govt  
SP-ABN Polikarpow Po-2 fr dec1945
SP-ABZ Polikarpow Po-2 w/o jan1946
SP-ACC Polikarpow Po-2 fr dec1945
SP-ACE Polikarpow Po-2 fr dec1945
SP-ADB Polikarpow Po-2 fr dec1945
SP-LFA SNCAC NC-701 fr may1947 to may1948
SP-LFB SNCAC NC-701 fr may1947 to may1948
SP-LFC SNCAC NC-701 fr may1947 to may1948
SP-LFD SNCAC NC-701 fr may1947 to may1948
SP-LFE SNCAC NC-701 fr may1947 to may1948
SP-LFF SNCAC NC-701 fr may1947 to may1948
SP-LEA Cessna UC-78  fr 1946 w/o 1947
SP-LEB Cessna UC-78 fr 1946 to 1950
SP-LEC Cessna UC-78 fr 1946 to 1950
SP-LED Cessna UC-78 fr 1946 to 1950
SP-LEE Cessna UC-78 fr 1946 to 1950
SP-LEF Cessna UC-78 fr 1946 to 1950
SP-LEG Cessna UC-78 fr 1946 to 1950
SP-LEH Cessna UC-78 fr 1946 to 1950
SP-LEI Cessna UC-78 fr 1946 to 1950
SP-LEK Cessna UC-78 fr 1946 to 1950
SP-LEL Cessna UC-78 fr 1946 to 1950
SP-LEM Cessna UC-78 fr 1946 to 1950
SP-LEN Cessna UC-78 fr 1946 to 1950
SP-LEO Cessna UC-78 fr 1946 to 1950
SP-LDA SNCASE SE-161/1 "Languedoc B-2" fr aug1947 to 1948; w/o 1950
SP-LDB SNCASE SE-161/1 "Languedoc B-2" fr aug1947 to 1948; w/o 1950
SP-LDC SNCASE SE-161/1 "Languedoc B-2" fr oct1947 to 1948; w/o 1950
SP-LDD SNCASE SE-161/1 "Languedoc B-2" fr 1948 w/o 1950
SP-LDE SNCASE SE-161/1 "Languedoc B-2" fr 1948 w/o 1950
SP-LLA Aero Ae-45 fr mar1952 to1957
SP-LLB Aero Ae-45 fr mar1952 w/o dec1953
SP-LLC Aero Ae-45 fr mar1952 to1957
SP-LMA An-2 13047305 fr 28may1955 to 3dec1955
SP-AKX Ju 52/3m fr 16nov1936 to12sep1939 to Romania govt



Registration Aircraft Type c/n Origin Disposition Remarks
SP-FTH BAe Jetsream 31 unk. leased from TASAWI   entered service Apr. 98
SP-FTG BAe Jetsream 31 unk. leased from TASAWI    

w/o - written-off (in crash or incident uneconomical to repair, also military struck-off charge)

wfu - withdrawn from use

ufo - ultimate fate obscure (current status unknown)

pvd - preserved (mostly by museums)

b/u - broken-up, scrapped

hlk - hulk, derelict, very low probability to fly again

fr - used from