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LOT Polish Airlines labels

Over the years, LOT has printed many designs of adhesive labels. The colorful array of shapes and themes, combined with their small size, make for a nice collectible. We present a small collection of representative samples for your enjoyment.

IL-18 label

A friendly IL-18!

IL-18 label

Another, more prototypical, view of the IL-18.

Bird label

A red LOT bird, probably representing a paper cutting.

Bird label

Another LOT bird in the cut paper style.

Krakow 600 label

A commemorative label for the 600th anniversary of Krakow's Jagiellonian University in 1364.

Triangle label

A colorful triangle-shaped label.

Sailboat label

Another triangle, this one with sailboats and an IL-18.

Fish label

Continuing the triangle series...this time with a fish!

Stag label

An inverted triangle provided space for a stag in this continuation of the series.

30th anniversary label

This was the label to mark LOT's 30th anniversary in 1959.

30th anniversary label

The same label as above, minus the 30th anniversary lettering.

Millenium label

A special label issued to mark the millenium of the Polish nation.